Before you burn within Town limits, you must call the Moncks Corner Fire Department to obtain a permit. 843-719-7990


Outdoor Burning – Is it Legal?

The legality of open burning depends on where and what you burn.

  • Inside City/Town Limits:  Some towns have banned outdoor burning altogether, and others have enacted local ordinances that limit outdoor burning. If you live within city limits, always check with your local government before you burn anything outdoors.
  • Commercial and Residential Builders: It is against the law to burn any waste from commercial construction sites. As for single-family residential builders, it is illegal to burn any materials outdoors April 1 – October 30 (ozone season). The rest of the year (November 1 – March 30) laws governing open burning by single family residential construction sites include a number of restrictions. If you're building a single-family residence, consult South Carolina's Open Burning Regulation (61-62.2 Prohibition of Open Burning).

What can I burn or NOT burn outdoors in South Carolina?
(If allowed by local ordinance)

Yard trimmings
Outdoor fireplaces

Paper and cardboard
Roofing materials
Heating oil
Tires and rubber products

Household cleaners
Farm chemicals
Electrical wires
Insulation and duct work

NOTE: Using burn barrels to burn garbage also is illegal.