The Town of Moncks Corner is proud to announce our new Business Assistance Program.


Due to unprecedented federal funding, the Town has $850,000 to use towards making local businesses better. This program is AT LOW OR NO COST TO YOU. Do you want a new website or social media help? Do you want to redesign your logo or your building’s façade? Please apply and let the Town of Moncks Corner help you make more money and be even more successful.


What We're Doing

The Town is offering a variety of programs to help your business grow and thrive, including:

Façade Improvement

The Town has partnered with an architect to design a new front for your building. Maybe it’s just paint or an awning. Maybe it’s a total redesign. We’ll work with you to design something attractive, and then we’ll hire a contractor to do the work.


Trees, shrubs and flowers can make your building much more attractive and inviting. We’ve partnered with a landscape architect, and with your input we’ll design something beautiful and durable.


Maybe your business doesn’t have a sign. Maybe you have an old or unattractive sign that doesn’t reflect the business you are now. Let the Town help build you a shiny, new sign. Need a new logo to go on that sign? Check out branding, below!


Would you like a new, eye catching logo? How about a comprehensive branding plan of logos, colors, and fonts to make sure all of your
advertising materials—website, building sign, business cards—look uniform. We’ve partnered with an award-winning business marketing firm, to help design something memorable for your business and for your customers.

Website Creation and Upgrades

Does your business have a website? If not, we can build one. If so, we can refresh it and make it more modern. Can you sell your goods on your site? You can now with the help of this program.

Social Media and Social Marketing

Just like a website, a social media page like Facebook or Instagram can really supercharge your sales. It’s not just having pages, it’s using your pages to attract, retain, and energize your customers. We can get you set up, teach you everything you need to
know, or even maintain your pages going forward, posting professional content as often as you’d like.

How it Works


First and most importantly, this program is at LOW OR NO COST TO YOU. The Town knows that large, capital expenses like a new sign or new
website can be expensive and scary. But, we want you and your business to thrive. Let us help you!

This is a one-time program using funds from the American Rescue Plan, so as much as we’d like to help every business in Town we will have to limit
this program to $850,000. Grants are only available to businesses with a permanent location within the Town of Moncks Corner.  Please submit an application to be considered for this program.

Applications are available HERE

Applications are due in June 30, 2022. The Town’s ARPA Committee will be reviewing the applications and making awards by the end of summer. 

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