Bulk item pickup will occur every Wednesday.  In order to have your bulk item removed, please schedule with Town Hall by Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., 843-719-7900.

Bulk items include furniture, large appliances, grills, and carpet.  Very large items such as storage sheds, garage doors or trailers should be dismantled into manageable pieces.  Bulk pickup is limited to two items per week.




If you are a HOMEOWNER replacing carpet, without the assistance of a contractor, carpet will be picked up ONLY if it is dry, and rolled neatly in 4 ft. sections. Carpet installation companies are required to haul off carpet.

We will NOT pick up construction and demolition debris, such as doors, windows, or lumber. However, the Convenience Center at the Berkeley County Landfill, located on Oakley Road, is open most evenings until 7 p.m. There are specific dumpsters on site for the disposal of such debris. Please call their office at 843-761-8817 for schedule and any questions you may have concerning C&D items.


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