Permitting and Inspections

  • Any required forms can be found by clicking here.
  • Our online permitting system, CommunityCore, can be found at
  • Contractors please complete the access application found here.  Upon completion submit the application to [email protected]
  • Inspections are to be scheduled through CommunityCore.  THE CUT-OFF FOR NEXT DAY INSPECTIONS IS 4:00 PM. 
  • Inspections occur between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • To submit electronic plans: fill out permit application and upload to CommunityCore along with other applicable documents such as plans, site plan, HVAC load calculations, and list of subcontractors (with email addresses and LLR licenses).
  • All plans submitted electronically shall feature names beginning with the project address, i.e. 123_Main_St - Site_Plan.pdf
  • Credit card payments through CommunityCore may result in a 3% convenience fee.
  • Any issues with CommunityCore should be reported to [email protected] ​​​​​​


Special Inspections



Permit Submittal Requirements


New Construction, Alterations and Additions, including Sheds, Garages, and Shops

Fee Schedule



A swimming pool is defined by the Town of Moncks Corner as a water feature for swimming and recreational bathing.  Prefabricated portable and above ground swimming pools 48” in depth or less and less than 3500 gallons and not permanently attached to electrical or plumbing systems do not require a permit.  Any pool that is below grade at any point, bottom draining or permanently attached to electrical or plumbing systems require a permit.  All swimming pools shall be equipped with filtration, purification and circulation equipment to maintain the water in a clean, healthful condition. Regardless of permitting requirements, Zoning, Santee Cooper/Berkeley Electric, and HOA approval must be sought before placement of a swimming pool to ensure compliance with specific rules and requirements.

The following items are required for permitting:

  1. Completed application, including BEC or Santee Cooper site approval letter and a letter of approval for compliance with HOA and restrictive covenants (if applicable).
  2. Plot plans (showing location, setbacks and easements), construction drawings (manufacturers installation instructions if it is above ground) of sufficient clarity to show the extent of work and details to demonstrate conformity to the code, deck location and size (if a deck is built, a permit is required and must be included if it is >30” above grade or >200sqft), and fencing location, alarms or barriers as required by code.
  3. Above/On Ground Pools, Bottom Drain Pools, In-Ground Pools, Spas:
    1. Above- or On-Ground Pools require manufacturers installation instructions to be submitted with permit application.
    2. Bottom Drain Pools require details for drains, suction inlet locations, skimmers and re-circulation lines, manufacturers specs for the entrapment protection device, method of backup vacuum relief device (approved vacuum release system, vent piping, and other approved devises). Licensed pool installers must also supply flow calculations per ANSI/APSP-7. C)
    3. In-Ground Pools do not require plans sealed by a SC Registered Design Professional. Drawings that contain details that includes shell design, reinforcement size and spacing, thickness and type of concrete, depth limits and details of entry steps must be provided. Plans must include a plan view and cross sections. In-ground pool plans must also include details for drains, suction inlet locations, skimmers and re-circulation lines, manufacturers specs for the entrapment protection device, method of backup vacuum relief device (approved vacuum release system, vent piping, and other approved devices). Licensed pool installers must also supply flow calculations per ANSI/ APSP-7.
    4. Hot Tubs and Spas that are built on a structure (like a deck), the structure plans must be stamped by a design professional to withstand the loads of the hot tub or spa, including the weight of water used when operating. Slab on grade or raised slab foundations do no need to be engineered as long as manufacturers installation guides are followed.


Solar Panels

  1. Submit required documentation to Electric Service Provider (Santee Cooper or Berkeley Electric Co-Op) 
  2. Submit the following to the Town of Moncks Corner Building Department:
    1. Interconnect paperwork from utility provider
    2. Engineering letter for roof certification
    3. Electrical line diagram
    4. Fastener details, type and spacing
    5. Licensed Electrician/PV
    6. Roof Anchors installation packet
  3. The Town of Moncks Corner will issue a permit, upon approval, prior to the start of work
  4. Install system but do not break seal on electrical meter
  5. Request inspection from Town of Moncks Corner Building Department
  6. The Building Department will notify utility provider 
  7. The utility and the contractor will coordinate meter tie in


Whole House Generators

  1. Electrical Permit Application
  2. Electrical line diagram
  3. Site Plan and location
  4. Fuel Type and clearances
  5. Wind zone requirements (anchorage)



Building Codes in Effect


Building Codes used within the State of South Carolina are adopted through the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation - Building Codes Council. All general, residential, and specialty contractors performing services in the State of South Carolina must be licensed.

Currently adopted codes:


To access information regarding State regulated Building Codes and Contractor Licensure follow the link below: 

South Carolina Building Codes Council

South Carolina Building Codes Council Registration/Licensing

To access education opportunities and or obtain a copy of the Codes follow the link below:

National and International Codes

International Code Council Free Access to Adopted Codes


Windload and Seismic Design Criteria


Design criteria for plan submittal must meet a minimum of 133-140 mph winds, "D" Seismic for Commercial and "D-2" Seismic for Residential. Plans shall have a Code Analysis, Design Pressures (D/P Rating) for all doors and windows, soils reports for commercial and soils assumption for residential, detailed construction documents for all disciplines. Required Special Inspections for Commercial Projects.  Impact glazing is required for all areas.

All proposed signage must meet Appendix H of the IBC for wind and seismic requirements.

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