The Town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina is located in Berkeley County, 35 miles from Charleston and has a large lake, Lake Moultrie, along the northern part of the Town.  The residents of Moncks Corner enjoy a high quality of life which is reflected in lower cost of living standards, affordable home prices, and proximity to many of the recreational amenities many people desire—such as Lakes Moultrie and Marion.

Moncks Corner has been a crossroads for commerce since the colonial days of South Carolina.  Transportation up the Cooper River and down roads to interior communities made us thrive by connecting the Lowcountry to the backcountry of the colony. 

These connections placed Moncks Corner in the crosshairs of battles throughout the Revolutionary War.  Local patriots led by Francis Marion - the Swamp Fox of the Revolution - would fight British forces throughout the war ultimately leading to Patriot Victory at Yorktown.

After the Revolution, Moncks Corner continued to thrive as a place of commerce.  The Old Santee Canal gave way to the railroad creating a bustling downtown while preserving the Town's important role in facilitating transportation throughout South Carolina. 

It was here that Santee Cooper built an energy empire that has powered South Carolina from the Great Depression to this day.  The result is stunning Lake Moultrie that abuts Moncks Corner offering recreational amenities unmatched in other communities in the state. 

Today, we are a place where our relationship to the outdoors is unrivaled.  Hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking and horseback riding abound in the forest, lakes and streams that surround us.  It is this stunning setting - this true Lowcountry feel - that defines us. 

Today, we remain a tight knit community.  We rally around our high schools. We celebrate the seasons and holidays with parades and celebrations.  We had the vision to build a recreation complex in the heart of downtown that brings people together. 

With a strong Mayor form of government, the Town provides complete municipal services and utilities to its approximately 10,000 residents, with its public works, street & sanitation, recreation, police and fire departments.

As we look to the future, we strive to maintain the feel that makes us unique.  We are the embodiment of the Lowcountry way of life - relaxed, comfortable and connected to our stunning setting.  We maintain our hometown feel - friendly, welcoming and warm.

We encourage you to discover our history, explore our outdoors and experience a downtown reinventing itself.  We invite you to reconnect with what it means to be a true community. 

We are Moncks Corner, South Carolina - The Lowcountry's Hometown


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