We are asking local businesses in the area to consider sponsoring a team for our Recreation Spring sports programs. Without you and your generosity, we would not be able to provide these opportunities for the children of our wonderful community.


Once again, it is time for spring tee ball, baseball and fast pitch softball season. Last year was a remarkable success for the Town and hope that your sponsorship provided you with some additional success as well.

We are asking that you continue your generosity to our athletic programs by being a sponsor.

For your convenience, we have included the sponsorship form for you to complete and return via mail, email or fax. In order to get our uniforms and sponsor signs completed on time, we need to receive your sponsorship form by February 6, 2017.

Opening Day will be held at the Regional Recreation Complex located at 418 East Main Street. The ceremonies will begin at 10:00am, followed by games played all day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 843-719-7916.

Yours in Sports,

Ralph F. Jones

Recreation Director

Town of Moncks Corner


Sponsor Testimonials

The Real Estate Firm

At The Real Estate Firm, we are excited to be part of sponsoring the recreation department of Moncks Corner.  This program is a vital asset to helping our youth get involved in outdoor sports and recreation and teaching teamwork and sportsmanship in our community. 

Ryan Brewer Enterprises

As someone who grew up in the Moncks Corner Community, I'm proud the company I work for is able to sponsor a team each spring.  I also enjoy volunteer coaching the youth in our area.  There is no greater honor than being able to give back to the community that gave so much to me!


Note from a parent:

This email is sent to both Matt Still and Ralph Jones.

My oldest son is 17 and I grew up on these same fields as a kid. The rec center is my home away from home. I've seen up and downs.

I have to admit, I was disheartened with the redraft. I just couldn't understand this slight of calculations. I came yesterday frustrated.

As I sat there listening, I saw 2 very humble men who are only human. I looked at the kids sitting, looking up at you, and they were all just fine. They didn't seem to care, they just wanted to play ball. I scanned the fence line at the parents and team moms and saw their faces and heard their whispers, and embarrassingly enough I will admit I had probably whispered the same aggravated tone under my breath too. Then I heard not once, but twice, from Mr. Jones "kids, this is not because your coach does not want you on his team, this is not because you have done anything wrong" That is when I though to myself how selfish we, as parents, are being.

Yes, I want my kids team to win. Who doesn't? Yes, I want them to have fun, and winning IS fun. But they need to learn to build a team amongst themselves and not create one by picking talents. They need to build themselves personally from the inside out. We parents have a vested interest in competition. You both have a vested interest in children. How are we to meet in the middle if we parents don't take a step towards the middle?

My frustration turned to shame as I realized how wrong I was. Both of you are unbiased, you don't have star players, you don't care who wins the championship, it doesn't matter if Coach X has his team groomed for a 3rd year championship, all you saw were kids who wanted to play ball.

Thank you for that....




Thank you to our Sponsors

Atlantic Building Components      
Benchmark Realty      
Berkeley Electric Cooperative      
Berkeley Family Practice      
Black's Fish Camp      
C.T. Lowndes & Co.      
Carolina First      
Central True Value (+ cages)      
Chris J. Louden, Attorney at Law      
Clouse Chiropractic Center      
Cohen's Drywall (cages)      
Dempsey's Auto Sales      
Dick Smith Chevrolet      
Dr. Chip Bounds      
Dr. Mike Hill      
Drs. Kunkle & Kunkle, PA      
Farmers & Merchants Bank of SC      
First Citizen Bank      
George Bishop Jr., PA      
Herbie's Fireworks      
Home Telephone      
Hoover (cages)      
J. Philip Morgan Agency      
Johnny's (cages)      
Les Cooper State Farm Insurance      
Michael F. Grosso, DMD      
Moncks Corner Chiropractic      
Moncks Corner Dry Cleaners      
Moncks Corner Physical Therapy      
Moncks Corner Rotary      
Murphy USA      
Peagler & Weathers, PA      
Pendley Construction      
Santee Cooper      
SC Bank & Trust      
Southcoast Community Bank      
T & J Business Services      
The Sportsman's Shop      
Williams Farm Supply (cages)      
Woody Bilton (cages)